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Maxell has over 50 years experience of producing industry-leading recordable media and energy products for both the consumer and the professional markets. Established in 1947, Maxell started in business as a battery manufacturer and formed the company name by taking the first 3 and last 3 letters of it’s first product: Dry Cell Batteries. The name is a shortened version of the phrase: MAXimum capacity dry cELL Since its formation, Maxell has built up an international reputation for excellence and reliability. In 1964, Maxell became a member of the Hitachi group of companies and is listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange as “Hitachi Maxell Limited”. With a reputation for being a a leading brand for storage media and battery products, Maxell was one of the first companies to develop Alkaline Batteries, and the first company to introduce Blu Ray Camcorder discs. About Maxell: Now Maxell is pioneering the power supplies and digital recording for today's mobile and multi-media

 Computer / Hardware Server Systeme
ab 149.95 CHF

 Computer / Hardware Komponenten
ab 149.95 CHF

 Computer / Hardware Drucker / All -in-One
ab 81.95 CHF

 Computer / Hardware Kopfhörer / Headset
ab 15.95 CHF

 Computer / Hardware Multimedia
ab 15.95 CHF

 Computer / Hardware Akkus / Strom

 Computer / Hardware Speichermedien
ab 19.95 CHF ab 21.95 CHF ab 21.95 CHF

 TV / Audio / Video Audio Portabel
ab 34.95 CHF ab 15.95 CHF

 TV / Audio / Video Audio Komponenten
ab 34.95 CHF

 TV / Audio / Video Peripherie
ab 15.95 CHF

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